Constructing infrastructure of new generation contact center

From small businesses to large enterprises, VCS provides to construct the new generation of contact center infrastructure with flexible scalability and connectivity.

In addition, by quickly providing speech recognition, sentiment analysis, Chatting, Voice analysis, remote environment (including home based office) required by contact center business, we provide an omni-channel platform environment for enterprises operating contact center business, and enterprises can focus on how to improve CX and brand competitiveness

CRM solutions

Implementing an integrated CRM system can provide relevant service for consumers. In order to improve the level of business, support omni-channel and enhance self-improvement, VCS will work with partners to provide enterprises with CRM solutions which set the core as service cloud.


Speech Recognition and Analysis Solutions

Introducing speech recognition and text mining systems. Textizing, using and analyzing customer interactions through the voice system to solve various problems in the contact center, including real-time management, efficiency improvement, quality control improvement, FAQ development, VOC use, etc.

AI application

Customers: providing services with respect

Enterprises: For helping enterprises grasp customers who need to be valued in a timely manner, VCS introduces AI technology to improve customers' self-solution and create solutions as well as content. As part of realizing the omni-channel contact center, Perform call response analysis on the text information of voice recognition, and classify it into intelligent IVR navigation, QA intelligent quality inspection, Chat automatic corresponding support, Voice conversion text support

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