Simplifying Process
Complete BPO support system
Multilingual correspondence

import background

Although many Chinese companies are increasingly entering the Japanese, European and American markets, there is no perfect BPO support system in the local area. How to find companies that can provide high-quality customer service support and BO business operations has become a major issue.

Operation content

The group has established a multilingual correspondence system, and Chinese and Korean services are undertaken by VCS.

Carry out the group's tradition of timely improvement, promote business process visualization, standardization, business development does not depend on a single person, and ensure high-quality global services.



Undertake catalog translation services for Japanese companies in English, Chinese, and Korean,

Multilingual game support entrusted by game operating companies: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English (telephone, email, SNS, chat, etc.)

client feedback

Multilingual correspondence can be outsourced to a company at the same time, so the business development could be processed in time, the signing process are simplified, therefore the project preparation and operation can be carried out in a short period of time. Moreover, high-quality correspondence in all languages not only improves user satisfaction, but also increases the sales of the client company.


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